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In the South the "black shirt" for corruption in health care

by James Giannecchini January 29, 2013 Those who Pharmacy Magazine

Assogenerici addresses the topic of the new remuneration of the supply chain with a very clear statement by the new president Enrique Hausermann: “The industry must certainly continue to be involved in the redefinition of the remuneration of the drug supply chain: in this there is full agreement with the statements made by the president of Farmindustria this morning. However, what is said about the excessive incentives for generic drugs is not reflected in reality. In fact, both the agreement signed on 16 October with AIFA and the Balduzzi proposal envisage a premium quota for all drugs whose price is in line with the reference price, whether they are equivalents or branded specialties with expired patents. Even today, the experts summoned by FIASO have reiterated that to avoid improper expenditure on the health service it is useless to focus on the patient's sharing of costs, but it is necessary to focus on cost-effectiveness and, therefore, in the case of pharmaceutical assistance, on equivalent medicines ”. For once Assogenerici and Farmindustria seemed to be in full agreement, but there was immediately something to distinguish. Fiaso, cited by President Hausermann is the Italian federation of health and hospital companies which often publishes interesting analytical studies on the general conditions of the health system. We recall the declarations of Massimo Scaccabarozzi, president of Farmindustria, which met at least in part with the approval of Assogenerici: “The ministry has presented proposals on the new system of remuneration for the supply chain, but the pharmaceutical industry has not been involved. The proposals made, on the other hand, would require an open discussion with the manufacturing industries; this comparison is essential to avoid further problems, as the current system is set on a spending ceiling and a shelf process in which the industries are called to participate”.

Remuneration of pharmacies. What does the Balduzzi-Grilli Decree sent to the Regions provide for?

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