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The FEDAIISF Study and Research Documentation Center is an instrumental body of FEDAIISF, it has managerial autonomy on the production of documents relating to the world of scientific information on drugs and parapharmaceuticals and the various problems connected to it. In carrying out its duties, it pursues aims aimed at promoting and safeguarding the values and transparency of scientific information policies.


The birth of scientific drug information: from its origins to the present day. Semi-serious story



Types of Vacini in studiesoo already on the market against SARS-Cov-2
Dr. Anna Passoni
January 10, 2021


The future model of the report
dr. Richard Bevilacqua
October 20, 2020

We thank ADG for authorizing the publication
translation by Riccardo Bevilacqua


Covid-19 and ISF dossier
dr. Richard Bevilacqua
April 14, 2020


COVID-19 file
Dr. Anna Passoni
last updated – May 7, 2020COVID-19 file                      21/03/2020
COVID-19 file Update  #1   30/03/2020
COVID-19 file Update  no.2   03/04/2020
COVID-19 file Update n.3 13/04/2020

      COVID-19 Dossier Index n.3 13/04/2020


Attachment 1: ACE2 COVID-19 treatment
Annex 2: COVID Treatment Guidelines
Annex 3: ISPI analysis
Attachment: 4 TOCIVID-19-Synopsis
Attachment 5: Update – Spallanzani prot adult patient
Annex 6: Spallanzani experimental drugs Nicastri
Attachment 7: update – Report-COVID-2019
Annex 8: Report-COVID-2019
Annex 9: pediatric acroischemia case report


Annex 7: Report-COVID-2019
Annex 8: Report_Istat_ISS
Annex 10: 1)– Kawasaki disease;

2)– Italian guidelines;
3)– Updates news in therapy;
4)– American Heart Association recommendations
(Comment Cardiology Department of Forlì)


Can the Covid vaccine modify our genome?



 Laws and Regulations of Scientific Representatives
of the drug and the parapharmaceutical
dr. Massimo Camatti
September 10, 2018


Use and Abuse of Law 233/91
adv. Maria Rita Famà
April 9, 2009

The lawyer Maria Rita Famà during the meeting of the members of the AIISF Section of Ravenna on April 4, 2009


AIISF survey towards GPs
Project Update 2001
AIISF National Executive
January 2001


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