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In living, in operating within a community, each member is required to observe not only some "natural" or "general" rules, to which everyone is bound, but also other "particular" rules related to his particular activity or role or function. Normally these "particular" rules are dictated by whoever in the community has the task of governing or defining the powers or duties of individuals or groups of individuals assigned to that activity. The need, felt by the aforementioned groups, of the most advanced societies is to integrate from within all the written or unwritten rules with a set of principles that fully outline and by direct knowledge their own field and the right way of activity, not only , but to define the "summa" of one's tasks and duties, in order to guarantee adherence to one's raison d'être to the whole community and at the same time guarantee one's own continuity for oneself. The progress of knowledge, the evolution of different needs, may require an adaptation, over time, to new realities, but the general principles, the starting points, once identified, are the same, and they will remain: here, FEDAIISF wanted to establish, in this Deontological Code, these principles which are real raison d'être before being rules of conduct for its members. Deviating from these principles will mean failing the Scientific Information of the drug in all its meaning. It is not for nothing that its definition is absolutely the first paragraph of this Code: all that follows is a corollary of it, how to make it complete in the best way in compliance with the laws in force. All the paragraphs that follow are the bricks on which the Scientific Information of the drug rests and it is not allowed to remove any of them without the whole building collapsing ruinously. The multiple aspects in which the activity of the Pharmaceutical Representative is carried out have led to the provision, in this Code, of the behavior of the same towards the doctor, companies and colleagues. Our contribution to the improvement of the entire sector in which we operate will be all the more effective the more every other entity - and not just the ISF - feels bound to comply with the rules it has set. And it is with this objective in mind that we entrust our Code of Conduct to all interested parties.


Scientific information on drugs is defined as the set of information relating to the composition of drugs, their therapeutic activity, indications, precautions and methods of use and the results of controlled clinical studies relating to efficacy and immediate and long-term toxicity, intended to doctors and pharmacists, with the aim of ensuring the correct use of the drug. Scientific Pharmaceutical Representative (ISF) is the professional who, on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies authorized to do so, brings the information referred to in the previous paragraph to the attention of doctors and pharmacists and ensures its periodic updating. It is also the duty of the ISF to inform the person in charge of the information activity of the service for which it operates, the Ministry of Health and AIFA the observations on the medicinal specialties that the operators report to it. Furthermore, the ISF is required to collaborate with the Ministry of Health and with AIFA, also with suggestions and indications, in order to ensure the correct and optimal performance of the information activity on medicines. In compliance with its Statute, the Federation of Italian Associations of Scientific Drug Representatives (FEDAIISF), aware of the social, political and economic importance of the activity of the ISFs, wishing to regulate relations within the category, hereby gives its contribution to the correct and ethical performance of scientific information on drugs.


1. The Code of Conduct is the set of rules of conduct of the ISF members of FEDAIISF: membership is subject to its acceptance and observance.
2. The ISF assumes an appropriate behavior:
to) to respect colleagues, even outside the employment relationship, remembering that his own identity of tasks, methods and interests, aimed at the correct use of the drug and therefore the protection of public health;
b) respect for the particular nature of the places in which they normally carry out their activities, not forgetting that incorrect behavior as well as offensive to those who suffer, assist or work, damages the image of all ISFs;
c) to observe professional secrecy on all confidential information that can be given to them by health professionals or users of the health service in the workplace;
d) to establish contact with health professionals, to whom the information leads, on the basis of mutual professional respect;
And) to participate with a free, proactive and objective spirit in the life of the association, refraining from spreading news that goes beyond constructive criticism or that is detrimental to the members and representatives of the Association;
f) the observance of the resolutions of the associative bodies adopted democratically and in compliance with the statutory provisions, abstaining from initiatives that conflict with the resolutions themselves.


1.1 – The ISF respects and observes the laws, regulations and indications issued by public institutions regarding medicinal substances and more particularly as regards scientific information on the same.
1.2  – The ISF has the right and duty to bring scientific information on medicines to all interested health professionals.
1.3 – The ISF respects the scientific nature of drug information, which must be professional, objective and complete for correct therapeutic application, based on the indications and dosages approved by the competent authorities.
1.4 – The ISF deepens its knowledge and enriches its professionalism even outside of company training and/or refresher courses.
1.5 – The ISF must not exercise health or paramedical professions or in any case related to the prescription, distribution, marketing and administration of the drug.
1.6 – The ISF who holds public offices must not use them for professional purposes or advantages.
1.7 – The ISF rejects and opposes all those forms of activity that do not comply with the laws in force, in particular those tending towards profit-making requirements.


2.1 – The FSI must ensure that the methods, frequency and times of visits to doctors, both in private clinics and in any other place of care, are carried out in compliance with the provisions and regulations in force there.
2.2 – The ISF refrains from any initiative aimed at gaining knowledge of the doctor's prescribing habits.


3.1 – The ISF only uses information material authorized by the competent authorities in the conversation with healthcare professionals.
3.2 – The ISF ensures that the contents of information, even if only verbal, are always documented and verifiable, refraining from exaggerated statements and hyperbolic assertions.
3.3 – The ISF delivers free samples of medicinal products only to persons authorized to prescribe them, in compliance with the provisions of the law in force on the matter.


4.1 – The ISF takes care of pharmacovigilance and complies with the provisions of the law with regard to congresses, conventions and scientific courses.


5.1 – The FSI must not damage the image of colleagues in carrying out its activities.
5.2 – The FSI avoids any statement or behavior that could give colleagues, as well as doctors or healthcare personnel or others, the impression that there are FSIs not up to the task entrusted to them.
5.3 – The FSI reports to the competent Statutory Bodies of FEDAIISF any activity carried out by other FSIs in contrast with the regulations in force.


6.1 – The ISF carries out its activity on behalf and in the interest of the pharmaceutical company for which it operates, in compliance with the laws in force, the employment contract and this Code.
6.2 – The FSI actively participates in the training and professional updating initiatives implemented by the company for which it works, rejecting systems, methods and tools that conflict with the regulations governing employment relationships.
6.3 – The ISF reports to the company manager of scientific information all communications received from doctors concerning the use of medicines from the company's price list.
6.4 – The ISF does not carry out market surveys, surveys or monitoring which are in contrast with the spirit and the provisions of the law in force concerning scientific information on medicines.
6.5 – The ISF refuses and denounces to the competent statutory bodies of FEDAIISF any corporate initiative that may give rise to or stimulate its behavior that is not consistent with this Code of Conduct.


7.1 – The National Board of Arbitrators and all the other associative statutory bodies supervise the observance of the deontological norms.
7.2 – Failure to comply with the provisions of this Code of Conduct will trigger the appropriate warnings and related measures, up to the expulsion of the member from FEDAIISF.

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