University list

List of Italian universities that include the ISF degree course (Faculty of Pharmacy):


Note: given the variability of active and inactive prices, the list below could be inaccurate

BARI – University of Bari (inactive)

BOLOGNA – University of Bologna (inactive)

FERRARA – University of Ferrara (inactive)

CATANZARO - "Magna Grecia" University of Catanzaro (inactive)

COSENZA – Arcavacata University of Calabria

CAMERINO – University of Camerino

CATANIA – University of Catania (inactive)

FLORENCE – University of Florence (inactive)

GENOA – University of Genoa (inactive)

MESSINA – University of Messina (inactive)

NAPLES – “Federico II” University

PADUA – University of Padua (inactive)

PARMA – University of Parma (inactive)

PALERMO – University of Palermo (inactive)

PAVIA – University of Pavia (inactive)

PERUGIA – University of Perugia (inactive)

PISA – University of Pisa

ROME – “La Sapienza” University (inactive)

SIENA – University of Siena (inactive)

TURIN – University of Turin (inactive)

TRIESTE – University of Trieste (inactive)

Scientific Information on Drugs belongs to Degree Class L-29 "Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies". Equations between University Diplomas L. 341/90, Degrees in the classes DM 509/99 and Degrees in the classes DM 270/04 Scientific information on drugs (UNIVERSITY DIPLOMAS L. 341/90) equivalent to 24 Pharmaceutical sciences and technologies (DEGREES IN THE DM 509 CLASS /99) and L-29 Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies (DEGREE OF THE CLASS DM 270/04). (Table 2 of the MIUR)

Equipollenza is one of the academic qualifications of the old system. Equivalence is said of the degree diplomas (DL) according to the old system, to the new classes of specialist degrees.

The terms "equivalence" and "equalization” indicate the presence of an equivalence between qualifications which has legal effect. To say that two educational qualifications are equivalent or comparable implies establishing that the educational qualifications: a) certify the acquisition of equivalent skills; b) allow admission to public competitions; c) they are valid for the purposes of admission to state exams and access to professional orders; d) allow the continuation of the course of study at a higher level. With specific decrees, the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) has established the equivalences and equivalences between qualifications of the old and new regulations


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