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Convocation of the National Council 2006

Following my previous communication n. 222305 of 24 December 2005, I formulate this letter to convene, pursuant to art. 7.1 of the Statute, the National Council of the Association, on first call, at 8.00 am on Saturday 25 March 2006 and, on second call

at 9.00am on Saturday 25 March 2006


Avenue IV November. 18
51016 – Montecatini Terme (PT) tel. 0572 9201 – fax 0572 767516

with the following Agenda:
1. Appointment of the President of the Assembly, the Vice President, the Secretary and two Deputy Secretaries
2. Report of the National President
3. Relationship of components! The national executive according to the functions delegated to them
4. Report of the President of the Council of Presidents of the Regional Executives
5. Report of the National Board of Auditors
6. National Treasurer's financial report
7. Final balance vote for 2005
8. Voting on the Chairman's Report
9. Definition of the associative activities program 2006
10. Definition of the 2007 membership fee for the National Treasury
11. Advance budget vote! for the current year
12. Report of the Director of Algorithms
13. Miscellaneous and possible
The President/26506 – Florence 24 February 2006

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