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Dear colleagues, dear colleagues,
Recently many of you have asked the Association for clarifications regarding the municipal ordinances governing the blocking of traffic in the urban centers of Forlì, Cesena and Rimini, and the behavior to adopt if stopped by the supervisory bodies.
First of all, it is necessary to know these Ordinances and to have a clear understanding of the points of interest to us contained in the respective exemptions. 
For example:

• The Ordinance of the Municipality of Forlì - ACT No. 2 of 2 January 2006, PG.62448/05 of the Environment Service of the Municipality of Forlì, provides in point 11 that the vehicles subject to derogation from the provisions limiting circulation are the "vehicles used for the transport of medicines…”.

• The Ordinance of the Municipality of Cesena - PGN 44356/331 of 20 December 2005 and PGN 656/331 of 11 January 2006 of the Mobility Service of the Municipality of Cesena provides in point 4.e that the vehicles excluded from the traffic restriction are the " vehicles intended exclusively for the transport of goods or carrying… medicines…”. Furthermore, point 4.1 excludes from the provision vehicles owned, or driven, by residents in other Regions. This specific derogation, for example, does not appear in the Ordinances of the Municipalities of Forlì and Rimini.

• The Ordinance of the Municipality of Rimini - Prot 180232 of 25 October 2005 - provides in point 17 that the vehicles subject to derogation from the provisions of limitations and blocking of traffic, are the vehicles of "information operators with certification from the Employer or in possession of an identification card". This latest Ordinance does not provide for any exemption for vehicles carrying medicines. For this reason, on 20 January 2006, I sent to the Municipal Police Command of the Municipality of Rimini, and for information to the President of the AIISF Section of Rimini Gabriele Olivieri, a letter (ProtU303/06/RB) in which I communicate that for the operators of the scientific information of the drug, the Employer's certification is exhibited by them upon request by the supervisory bodies. I have also sent a color photocopy of the badge belonging to the category, issued by AIISF, and the original of which will be clearly visible on the windscreen of your vehicle.

    For the above, if stopped by the traffic police, it is necessary:

-A- demonstrate that we transport drugs (for the Municipalities of Forlì and Cesena) and belong to the category of Scientific Representatives of the drug (for the Municipalities of Forlì, Cesena and Rimini);
-B- demonstrate that this transport is regulated and authorized by precise provisions of our country and by European Community regulations implemented by our legislation, as per the attached circulars from the Ministry of Transport and the Interior, which must be shown to the supervisory bodies;
-C- demonstrate that the Employer authorizes us, through a nominal letter, to transport the medicines of his Company of which we are employees;
-D- display the mark which attests to belonging to the category of Scientific Pharmaceutical Representatives (issued by AIISF) and which must be clearly visible on the windscreen.

   I am therefore attaching the following documents:

1- Circular DC n. 149 of the Ministry of Transport of 31 July 19

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