The role of the ISF

The activity of the Scientific Pharmaceutical Representative (ISF) is defined and regulated by the Legislative decree n. 219 of 24 April 2006 (Article 122)

"The Scientific Drug Representative presents all the new drugs to doctors and pharmacists, illustrates their advantages and contraindications, sends them all the new news relating to drugs already on the market, further contributing to their updating".

According to current legislation, scientific drug information is defined as the set of information relating to the composition of drugs for human use, their therapeutic activity, indications, precautions and methods of use, including the grantability by the NHS, the results of controlled clinical studies concerning efficacy and immediate and long-term toxicity, intended for doctors and pharmacists, with the aim of ensuring correct use of the drug.

In fact, the drug has the greatest amount of information behind it compared to any other industrial product, information that must be known. The newspapers, the scientific informants to the doctors, the local health authorities to the citizens have to talk about it.

Between research and the doctor, an irreplaceable intermediary is certainly the scientific representative of the drug, a qualified professional, with in-depth preparation and continuous professional updating…

A specific and updated preparation
The selection that pharmaceutical companies operate among those who apply for the activity of Scientific Representative of the drug is extremely accurate. To access this role, the candidate must have a degree in biomedical or chemical-pharmaceutical disciplines or a degree in drug scientific information. A high and adequate training to be able to communicate correctly with doctors and pharmacists.

Continuous and updated training

Before starting his activity, the Scientific Representative attends a long and in-depth company training course, which will allow him to know all the characteristics of the medicines produced by the company for which he will work and to company and possibly associative updates promoted by FEDAISF.

A continuous source of information

Scientific Representatives represent a continuous and irreplaceable source of news for the doctor. Each individual informant is, in relation to his own sector, an expert capable of reporting to the doctor all the baggage of experience relating to the specialties covered by his activity. His work is aimed at making doctors aware of the characteristics and properties of medicines, in order to ensure their correct use.

Careful monitoring of the correct use of medicines

It is the duty of the Pharmaceutical Representative to report to the Head of the Scientific Service of the company all the observations on medicinal products reported by health professionals. This flow of information contributes decisively to ensuring the correct use of the drug in therapy, providing useful information for the development of research.

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