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The economist: austerity on health care worse than cuts to Lea

Dear colleagues,

Thank you for the interventions following the delusional considerations of a communication professional, also a lawyer, who perhaps, intoxicated by the role in defense of the consumer citizen, with conviction misrepresented to such an extent that he considers drug sales reps as one of the many objects of large-scale disposable consumption, and not as a worker with the problems of every human being, family, children, work. It goes without saying, today populism, witch hunts, muddying workers are appealing. So now what difference does it make, from politics to trade unions, we only lacked lawyers. Dear Rienzi, you have very diligently listed a series of news items which certainly do not edify our image, unfortunately life is like this, can you tell me in which sector similar problems do not exist? Even among lawyers…if we wanted to collect some testimony, I think a few books would not be enough to list them, I don't think they would come out whole. A pedophile priest does not represent the clergy, a dishonest lawyer does not represent lawyers. What would you like to demonstrate with such utterances? Personally I can not come to any conclusion on what you reported. His attempt to start a discussion in this way, for me who am a communicator, I define clumsy and naive as well as deeply offensive to the working man. The colleague who quoted the proverb says it well: "there is none so deaf as those who do not want to hear", and you, after our reactions, the many responses that have reached you through the blog and facebook, have not yet realized account that perhaps he should have inquired better about us.

Perhaps it happens that too much success leads man to look down on others (common mortals) and she, as I learned from her blog, resorts to the instrument of lawsuit and appeals to article 21 of the Constitution "on freedom of expression and information “, a pity, because in his expressions he has offended an entire category by making a single bundle of a thousand herbs. He should reflect with a little more humility and attention of course.

As far as I'm concerned, the topic is closed.

Antonio Scano 
Federaisf Cagliari


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