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The assembly of the ISF-RSU of Italy at the National Secretariats of Femca-CISL – Filctem-CGIL – Uilcem-UIL

Rome 02.15.2013

To the National Secretariats of Femca-CISL – Filctem-CGIL – Uilcem-UIL


Object: Verification of legitimacy of the new tasks assigned to the ISF with the renewal of the CCNL and request of the National Assembly of Pharmaceutical Representatives


After repeated attempts to get in touch with the top management of Femca, Filctem and Uilcem to discuss some issues related to the renewal of the CCNL in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector and having received no response, the ISF elected RSUs also belonging to the aforementioned trade unions and operating in the main companies in the sector met again in assembly, in Rome, on 02.15.2013.

The meeting recorded the total disinterest of the trade unions. against an entire category of workers.

This disinterest is presumably attributable to prejudices and lack of knowledge of the objective reality in which the "surviving" ISFs currently have to operate.

In view of the imminent definitive ratification of the 2013-2015 CCNL, we are forced, once again, to underline our disapproval regarding the role declarations that in the same CCNL concern the ISFs.

In particular we do not share:

·       the downgrading to C1-C2 contractual levels envisaged for ISFs with no specific experience.

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