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The state of health of the drug industry in Italy

12 - 04 - 2013  Elisa Maiucci  f ants

The pharmaceutical industry is the leader in Italy for investments in research and development, and stands out as the 1st hi-tech sector for exports and industrial presence. However, the decline in consumption puts pharmaceutical employment in the country at risk, with even more serious consequences for R&D workers and clinical trials. But also for the health of citizens, because more than 90% of pharmaceutical research in Italy is supported by drug companies.

Underlining the importance of the sector and the problems it has to face amidst the crisis, bureaucracy and government measures is an analysis by Farmindustria on access to new drugs in Italy.

National pharmaceutical expenditure

In Italy the population is older than in the EU but pharmaceutical expenditure remains lower. As a percentage of GDP and per capita, health expenditure in Italy is approximately 20% lower than in the other large EU countries (and by 26% considering pharmaceuticals). In the next few years, public spending will continue to fall, also as a result of further spending review manoeuvres, after those decided by the Monti government. The sector also has the lowest prices of other countries and has difficult access to innovation. Login delays? In total, over 2 years time. “One year is necessary for the approval of Aifa (Italian Medicines Agency), another for that at the regional level. Finally, to have a consolidated use in the hospital, the required months are at least two more ". explained the president of Farmindustria, Massimo Scaccabarozzi in a conversation with Formiche.net.

For new drugs, sales of more than 30% are lower

The data speak for themselves: the sales achieved in 2012 by new drugs (products la

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