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World pharmaceutical expenditure will grow in 2009 by 4.5-5.5%, reaching 820 billion dollars. The forecast comes from the US National Association of Pharmaceutical Representatives (Naprx), which brings together most of the drug sellers operating in the States. According to the association, global spending on drugs prescribed by specialists will increase this year by 8-9%, with 67% contributing to market expansion. In particular, the sales of biological medicines will mark a +11-12%, those of anticancer drugs a +15-16% and that of anti-HIV therapies 13-14%. As for the drugs prescribed by general practitioners, in 2009 the sales of these drugs will increase, according to the Nprx, by only 2-3%, due to the patent expiry of numerous blockbuster products and the few launches of new 'heavy' drugs expected in the near future. Geographically, Naprx expects pharmaceutical spending to grow especially in 'emerging-pharma' markets (China, Brazil, India, South Korea, Mexico, Turkey and Russia) with an expected increase in 2009 of 14-15% to 105- 115 billion dollars. In the US, spending will not grow more than 4%, to 292-302 billion, while in the top 5 EU pharmaceutical markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom) the increase in spending should be around 3-4%, at 162 -172 billion and in Japan, the second largest pharmaceutical market on a global level, the US association expects a +4-5% to 84-88 billion.

Source: http://www.sanitanews.it/quotidiano/intarticolo.php?id=1981&sendid=454



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