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Health service. The cuts are already there


"The future sustainability of national health systems, including ours of which we are proud, may not be guaranteed if new ways of financing services and benefits are not identified". So Mario Monti said on November 27, 2012 and to many it seemed like the notice of new cuts or new tickets. The premier's words triggered an in-depth public discussion on the sustainability of the health system. The conclusion was that neither the level nor the dynamics of Italian health expenditure could be considered cause for alarm for the public finances. Today the problem has changed, and one wonders if the health system has the resources to survive. It is the doubt that Nerina Dirindin, senator of the democratic party and professor of finance science, raises about voce.info.

For the third consecutive year, spending has in fact decreased. The cuts mainly concerned personnel and the affiliated pharmaceuticals. Overall, 111 and a half billion will be spent in 2014, with a reduction of no less than 15 billion compared to the expenditure forecast just three years ago, with the 2011 Def.

Another sign of a reduction in public spending comes from the increase in household spending. In recent days, the National Observatory on Health in the Regions, which is based at the Catholic University of Rome, certified that the cost incurred by each citizen for the purchase of medicines has more than doubled in less than ten years, going from 5.2 to 12.2% of the total. In hospitals, savings are made by reducing turnover and thus barring access to young and qualified personnel. Six years ago for every 100 retirees there were 97 new a

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