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365 to retirement

Created on August 30, 2011 by Tnepd


It seems to have been the Minister Sacconi the one with a conflict of interest model John Holmes to have the wife manager of Farmindustria and having dealt at the same time with Healthcare, drugs, vaccines and Pharmaceutical agencies – to expel the hemorrhoidal nodule of the restrictive measure sui redemptions of naja and university years for pension purposes in Maneuver v. 3.0.
Class harassment, of course, given that the toy soldiers who couldn't get through the 12-18 months of naja, before it was abolished in favor of an army of professionals, were certainly not the sons of popes who received the right push to be reformed for blatant homosexuality or other serious reasons for exemption from service. And those who did all the naja to the end, including grandparents, were usually someone who perhaps already worked hard and was deprived of a year or more of salary to serve the country.

Even the university years count for nothing, despite the fact that they cost a lot of money to the families of the students and sacrifices and diopters to those who hunched over their books. Do they do it because the so-called 68-year-olds would retire in recent years? Why not? They are always at war against communism, remember this, even when they are asleep or seem to be busy with something else.
I don't understand, really

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