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"I believe that the Commission of Inquiry - is the first comment of the new president - represents an important control tool for our health system characterized by great diversity at the regional level. The checks and investigations that will be conducted will allow to bring to light the anomalies of some regional systems, which ultimately lead to intolerable disparities for the citizens who should instead be guaranteed everything in the same way, as the Constitution provides. I hope - he adds - that with the collaboration of all the members of the Commission we will be able to indicate the situations that need to be reported but above all to correct them. The goal - concludes Marino - is to defend that precious asset for all of us which is our National Health Service".

The Commission is called upon to carry out various tasks. Among the most significant: that of evaluating the dynamics of regional health expenditure, verifying the appropriateness of services and the existence of any waste. And again, that of verifying the state of implementation of the territorial and home assistance networks and the qualification of hospital assistance in the direction of high specialization. "Among the other investigative activities that the Commission will deal with - Marino refers in the note - it is important to point out the one on the state of implementation and functioning of the emergency-urgency network (118) and of the entire hospital emergency room organization and of resuscitation also in relation to organ transplant activities. Another task of the commission will be that of evaluating health treatments on a regional basis or of the single health company and that of the effective application of law 120 on the intramural free profession of doctors ".

Source: "DoctorNews"


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