Agreement between Berlusconi's Molmed and Dompè to commercialize Zalmoxis

MolMed and Dompé enter into an agreement for the marketing and supply of Zalmoxis

MolMed and Dompé farmaceutici have entered into an exclusive licensing and distribution agreement for a period of 15 years. The agreement gives Dompé the exclusive right and obligation to carry out all the activities aimed at promoting, marketing, enhancing, distributing and selling Zalmoxis in all member countries of the European Economic Area (EEA), with an option right for Switzerland, Turkey and Australia.

Home“Based on the terms and conditions of the license and distribution agreement, Dompé will manage and/or complete the market access activities and will take care of negotiating the redemption price of Zalmoxis in all the countries involved, with the exception of Italy ”.

Simultaneously, MolMed and Dompé have signed a production and supply agreement under which MolMed will be responsible for the production, supply and delivery of Zalmoxis to end users in the affected areas and Dompé will pay a purchase price proportional to the reimbursement price of the product.

In addition to the purchase price, the licensing and distribution agreement guarantees MolMed to receive up to 43.5 million euros, of which up to 12.5 million as a contribution in the period 2017-2020, and up to 31 million under form of milestones recognized upon the achievement of certain levels of annual net sales collected in the territory covered by the contract.

The MLM share on the Piazza Affari price list rose by 4.66% to 0.44 euro.

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MolMed Shareholders

Social capital  : € 20,312,682.30 fully subscribed and paid

Total shares outstanding : 431,450,672 (ordinary shares at 100% without par value)

Shareholders – based on the data available to the Company as at 7 November 2016:

Shareholder No shares %
Fininvest SpA 107.173.138        24.84
Airain Ltd. 24.037.678 (*) 5.57
H-Invest SpA 11.512.216 2.67
H Equity Srl 8.579.208 1.99
Others <5% 280.148.432 64.93

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