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Now there are also “Embrace Accounts”.

A note pharmaceutical company multinational company is looking for talented young people with degrees in science subjects for employment in the role of Embrace Accounts.

The multinational note explains: The Embrace Line account is one strategic and innovative figure within the company that performs a function of support for doctors of general medicine.

Is able to support the implementation of the strategies defined by the Franchise and interacts with GPs to fine-tune effective treatment pathways for patients, in order to reduce the time to diagnosis and appropriate therapy.

It approaches the problem of chronicity, increasingly relevant to public health, in a new, as well as challenging way.

Continue the company specifying: The Embrace Account deals with the following main activities:
– provide GPs with scientific information on certain pathologies;
– create awareness about diseases, symptoms, comorbidities, diagnostic pathways and management of different treatments;
– identify patients who need to be evaluated by a specialist;
– support the development of pharmacy awareness initiatives in collaboration with the Trade Marketing Manager, mainly working on the screening and compliance of works with managers;
– work in close collaboration with the other local functions (pharmaceutical representatives, customer marketing, medical science liaison, key account manager);
– analyze the local socio-health dynamics and suggest the development of high-impact activities;
– support business objectives through the development of ad hoc strategies and programs;
– acquire and consolidate knowledge of the reference markets, competitors and the networks of influence of the main interlocutors.

And adds the requirements of these figures: The job offer is aimed at recent graduates in science subjects, of not older than 29 years. Applicants must be in possession of a degree in one of the following areas:
- Pharmacy;
– Chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies;
- Medicine and Surgery;
– Veterinary medicine;
- Biological science;
– Scientific information;
– Pharmaceutical technology sciences;
– Cosmetologist technician;
– Organic/biological chemistry;
- Natural Science;
– Biotechnological sciences;
– Agricultural biotechnology;
– Industrial biotechnology;

In practice, it lists some of the titles suitable for the profession of ISF even if for ISF the law also specifies the specialist degrees in medical, veterinary and pharmaceutical biotechnology and the three-year degrees in pharmaceutical sciences and technologies. Agricultural and industrial biotechnologies, on the other hand, have nothing to do with the ISF.

And he concludes: Successful candidates will be hired with apprenticeship contract.

It is good to specify what apprenticeship is. Apprenticeship is an employment contract characterized by a training content: the employer, in addition to paying the apprentice the salary for the work performed, is obliged to guarantee the apprentice the necessary training to acquire professional skills appropriate to the role and the duties for which he was hired. The apprentice has, in turn, the obligation to follow the training course which can be carried out internally or externally to the company. The duration of the contract cannot be less than 6 months and more than three years. Apprentices can be paid less than other workers engaged in the same tasks. In fact, the apprentice can be classified up to two levels lower than the relevant category, in application of the national collective labor agreement. Remuneration cannot be on a piece rate or incentive basis. In addition to the particular salary system, a facilitated contribution treatment is envisaged.

In short, the embrace is a figure that does not exist in the CCNL of chemists and represents the overcoming of the figure of the ISF being able to provide scientific information to GPs and at the same time implement Pharmacy awareness initiatives with marketing. An ideal professional figure who evidently does not have to follow the regulatory provisions of Legislative Decree 219/06 which the ISFs must instead observe. A hybrid neither fish nor fowl that finally, for pharmaceutical companies, can combine marketing and scientific information. A good step to increase sales.

Except that a question arises: how can a doctor after 6 years of a degree course, 4 years of specialization, years of experience in the field, accept scientific information on pathologies and diagnostic pathways from a twenty-nine year old with a degree in agricultural biotechnology?

How can the embracer carry out that type of activity with the general practitioner when the Legislative Decree 219/06 forbids it and specifies in art. 119 that "scientific information to healthcare professionals must be carried out both in compliance with the Legislative Decree itself and with the criteria and guidelines adopted by AIFA, subject to agreement with the Permanent Conference for relations between the State, the regions and the provinces autonomous areas of Trento and Bolzano“? And in art. 122 it says “Information on medicinal products can be provided to the doctor and pharmacist by scientific representatives“. If after the apprenticeship he is classified as an ISF he cannot depend on marketing and have that type of activity in the pharmacy. If, on the other hand, it depends on marketing, he will not be able to have those activities with the GP doctor.

The trade unions, the AIFA, the politicians who deal with these issues, the judiciary, will have something to discuss, even if almost certainly the employers of this type of work count, as always, on the total absence of controls. We will see if the AIFA 2019 program (see below) will actually be implemented

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