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AIFA. Interview with Dr. Marra on the consumption of generic medicines

Dr. Anna Rosa Marra, director of the Evaluation and Authorization office, speaking on TG5, explored the theme of the consumption of generic drugs in Italy.
When asked by the journalist on the reasons why the consumption of generic medicines is still low, Dr. Marra clarified "that it is above all a cultural problem”.
The mistrust in the use of generic drugs is not supported by scientific evidence – underlines Anna Rosa Marra – Generic drugs are medicines that are the same as others, with the same safety tests, equivalent, indeed bioequivalent, to designer medicines.

AIFA – 22 March 2013


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In-depth documents regarding generic medicines


Prescription for active principle

Update to 03/15/2013 of the tables with the class A drug list to allow all Operators to prescribe the active ingredient

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