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The new law imposes more transparency and precise deadlines in pricing and reimbursement of medicines. "Delays of 700 days and more are not acceptable". The goal is "to improve access to cheaper treatments and prevent their introduction onto the market from being slowed down".

07 FEB – "Delays, which can reach and exceed 700 days, in the choice of prices and in the reimbursement of medicines are not acceptable. I am convinced that both patients and the national health system will be able to benefit from the correct actions of our pharmaceutical market. The European Parliament has demonstrated its willingness to play an active role in the implementation of this legislation". This was stated by Antonyia Parvanova (ALDE, BG), the rapporteur of the new law approved on Wednesday by the European Parliament to facilitate access to generic medicines in the Member States. It will now be Parvanova's turn to negotiate the necessary deal with European ministers to get the legislation into effect.

“According to the European Commission – explains a note from the MEPs -, generic products cost an average of 40% less, two years after being placed on the market, than the reference drug. An investigation has shown that pharmaceutical companies use various tools to lengthen the period in which they can market their products without competition from generic drugs.

To remedy this situation, the Euro MPs are proposing a maximum deadline of 60 days to decide on the price list and reimbursements for equivalent medicines (otherwise known as "generics"), "cheaper and therefore to be placed on the market more quickly, in order to produce significant savings for patients and public health”, as reported by the note from the European Parliament. Decisions on new medicines will instead have to be taken within 180 days, as already provided for by current legislation.

It's still. The competent authorities of the EU states, according to the Parliament, should make public the names and declarations of financial interests of their members and advisers, to ensure transparent and regular decision-making. It should also require the publication of a list of medicinal products covered by the public health insurance system and their prices, at least once a year.

As mentioned, now the directive will have to be

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