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Anaao, new Ministry is independent

"Anaao Assomed approves the Government's decision which reinstated the Ministry of Health, thereby recognizing that it plays an irreplaceable role in addressing the urgent problems affecting the NHS and which require immediate solutions". This is the comment by Carlo Lusenti, national secretary of Anaao Assomed on the bill definitively approved in the Chamber two days ago, which separates the Department of Health from that of Welfare. "Anaao Assomed - reads a note from the union - believes that the return of a ministry with full autonomy can contribute to guaranteeing the character of unity to the National Health Service. In a country where the differences between the various regional health services tend to widen, leading to ever more evident inequalities, it is increasingly necessary to maintain a body that acts as a center of gravity, to ensure planning coordination and to safeguard the criteria of uniformity of care and avoid dangerous drifts that deny the recognition of the right to health on everything the national territory". For the number one of Anaao Assomed, "however, these objectives require the full autonomy and authority of the new department, characteristics which, unfortunately, the text approved by Parliament does not attribute to it. We hope - concludes Lusenti - that after recognizing the need for a separate Ministry of Health, its powers and independence will also be recognized for the benefit of the proper functioning of the National Health Service".

DoctorNews – 13 November 2009 – Year 7, Number 190

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