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Healthcare also passes through the post office in Tuscany

Even the Tuscany Region (following the recent agreements reached for example in Campania and Veneto) is being… tempted by the health services of the Italian Post Office. On the contrary - evidently satisfied - she confirms experiences already lived in the past.

New text in hand, when fully operational, it will be possible to book medical appointments and pay health care bills directly in one of the 434 post offices equipped with a "friendly counter" and present in the area. Without necessarily having to go to the ASL. The reports will be received at home, in paper format or by e-mail, or they can be requested directly from the post office itself. Furthermore, the creation of a real logistics network for home delivery of medicines is planned.

"The agreement with Poste Italiane confirms Tuscany's commitment to making an increasingly efficient health system available to citizens, making use of the evolution of techniques and knowledge", underlined the president of the same region, Enrico Rossi. “Health needs are increasingly complex and information needs to be shared ever more rapidly. With this system it is the images that "travel" and not the patients, who will also be able to book their medical visits at the post office and activate the electronic health card".

The document for e-government services in the healthcare field - confirmed the managing director of the delivery company, Massimo Sarmi - "consolidates and represents the evolution of the activities and relationships" between the parties.

Among the other expected aspects, the launch of tailor-made services for the Body, such as the use of certified e-mail to transmit diagnostic reports, the development of innovative systems for institutional communication in the sector and the development of devices for collection and performance reporting.

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