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Animals: Balduzzi meets animal rights activists and opens up to a discussion

(AGENPARL) - Rome, April 05 - Meeting between the Minister of Health Renato Balduzzi and the delegation of animal rights activists to decide on the "destiny of Research in Italy" . It all began with the anti-vivisection demonstration against the Menarini pharmaceutical industry in Pomezia on 2 March approx. A high-pitched protest that revealed the state of tension but above all the widespread exasperation of all the participants, some of whom were reported for incitement to crime and resistance to public officials. Subsequently, on March 7, following the news of the arrival of 8 beagles in the RTC-Menarini plants, a spontaneous protest literally besieged the company, tension reached alarming levels, physical clashes between activists and researchers/employees barely cross-complaints are triggered and the CGIL also intervenes. It was only thanks to the adoption of a resolutive approach with more heated tones that the problem became a "political case". Hence the decision taken by the Board of Directors of RTC-Menarini to issue a press release to "dilute the climate of tension with animal welfare associations that risks degenerating". In addition to the sale of the 8 beagles, the same company hopes that "substitute tests for the mandatory animal experimentation will be identified by the authorities, the decision also aims to open a debate on the fate of research in Italy". From direct action to diplomatic interlocution. Under this document, a formal request for a meeting from a purely political point of view with the highest health institution was initiated, recognizing the European Animal Rights Party as interlocutor. During yesterday's session on the sidelines of the working table made up of Minister Balduzzi, the Chief of Cabinet, the DGSA manager and the animal rights delegation Stefano Fuccelli, Riccardo Manca and Riccardo Oliva (the latter two therefore as political subjects and not as representatives of respective associations Roma for Animals and Memento Naturae), the same Minister accepted the delegation's request by giving provisions aimed at formally inserting a committee of three expert scholars of alternative/substitutive and advanced methods to animal experimentation. From the next ministerial scientific table, therefore, in addition to the Ministry of Health and its two bodies ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanità) and AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency), as well as Farmaindustria (the association of industries, companies and private research centers) the "anti-vivisectionist" commission will also be present, whose members will be autonomous and independent.

This was announced by the European Animal Rights Party.


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