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Healthcare reform approved, but who pays the money?

Stephanie amused

In a hurry, the Monti government dismisses the health reform which, however, will now have to be examined by Parliament. And the Regions are already attacking Minister Balduzzi: who will ensure the financial coverage for the coverage of the H24 medical service in the territorial centers?

September 7, 2012 – 3.59 pm

The kindest expression was: “marriage with dried figs”. The regions that yesterday cashed in, surprisingly, the health care reform under the guise of a decree law are between incredulous and angry.

Only on Tuesday they had received the draft of the text, hastily and furiously they had proposed amendments, approved unanimously, and less than 24 hours after that text entered the council of ministers to leave it, at the end of a long discussion lasting six hours, approved and operational: a decree law that includes some of the amended comments.

Here's what Enrico Rossi commented, president of the Tuscany region: "Recourse to the urgency seemed to us a stretch and we will point this out to the president of the republic given the competence of the regions in health care". Similar reactions from all governors. There are those who set the l&rs in motion

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