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Bersani wants to discuss with Pfizer.

The Minister of Economic Development Pierluigi Bersani he asked to meet the European president of Pfizer "to understand what the real intentions of the pharmaceutical giant are in our country, both in terms of industry and employment". This was announced by Gianfranco Borghini, the minister's representative, meeting a delegation of company workers in Rome yesterday. There were 2400 - a union note informs - Pfizer employees who went on strike yesterday for eight hours throughout Italy and a representation demonstrated in Rome in front of the Ministry of Economic Development. The trade unions of the Filcem-Cgil, Femca-Cisl, Uilcem-Uil sector, together with the Rsu of the Pfizer group, were received to talk about the unsustainable production and employment situation that had arisen in the Italian plants of the American multinational (Latina, Ascoli, Pisticci , Nervian). During the meeting, Borghini therefore informed the unions of Minister Bersani's intention to meet the European president of Pfizer to clarify the situation.
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