Big Pharma USA: after Trump accusations, media campaign is underway

Reuters Health)- After the heavy criticisms of the new president Donald Trump, Big Pharma USA launches a media campaign to improve the public image of the sector. The heads of PhRMA, the association of US pharmaceutical industries, have announced that it will be a campaign in grand style.

Risultati immagini per phrmaIn addition to Trump's accusations, the question of prices and the alleged advantage guaranteed to them by Obamacare, which would have widened access to drug prescriptions, weigh on the shoulders of the American pharmaceutical company.

However, PhRMA's campaign planning began six months ago, well before the presidential election in November, with the drafting of a regulatory and legislative agenda to be articulated in a robust lobbying campaign, with the FDA and insurance companies.

Source: Reuters Health News

(Italian version for Daily Health Industry)

January 26, 2017 – Daily Health Industry

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