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Labels on drug packaging. Published in the Official Journal by Ministry of Health decree

 The decree of 30 May, published in the Official Gazette last 18 July, replaces the ministerial decree of 2 August 2001. The stamps on the packages, if intended for healthcare facilities, they must bear the words "hospital/outpatient package". THE DECREE

22 JULY – For stamps placed on the packaging of medicines, when they are intended for healthcare facilities, the wording "hospital/outpatient packaging" is mandatory, which must be affixed necessarily with indelible ink. The decree provides for it 30 May of the Ministry of Health, published on Official Gazette of 18 July, which replaces the Ministry decree of 2 August 2001.

For drugs that will go abroad, the wording "export" is mandatory, for those distributed to doctors "free sample - prohibited for sale". The following must also be visible: Aic code; Marketing Authorization Holder; sequential number.

July 22, 2014 – dailyhealthcare

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