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Bologna. He stole the drugs from the warehouse, arrested a warehouse worker

Text messages from 'customers' were found on his cellphone suggesting that the man was reselling the stolen goods on his own

Bologna, 13 May 2013 – The Carabinieri of the Company Bologna Borgo Panigale they arrested a fifty-two-year-old Bolognese with a clean record, store of the pharmaceutical company "AFM Bologna SpA", for aggravated theft.

The episode happened a few days ago, when the Carabinieri had received the news that within the aforementioned company someone used to steal the medicines and, presumably, resell them on their own.
After a series of stakeouts carried out by the military, an employee was located who was blocked by investigators during the lunch break, after he had sneaked out of the warehouse to hide some medicines inside his car, parked nearby.

Inside the car were found a bottle of melatonin drops, hidden under the driver's seat and five other bottles of medicines hidden in the trunk. The search continued inside the metal locker, used by the man, located in the changing rooms adjacent to the company warehouse. Forty-two other packs of medicines were found inside the wardrobe. The boxes bore the manufacturer's codes. The story ended in the afternoon at the man's house, where the Carabinieri discovered a significant quantity of medicines from the same pharmaceutical company.

During the investigation it emerged that the warehouse keeper would have committed the crime to privately resell the stolen goods which, given the therapeutic indication of certain products, he had no difficulty in reselling. The SMS received from "customers", contained in his mobile phone, would be proof that the 52-year-old knew how to be both a warehouse worker and a merchant. “Do you remember looking at that product?”, “How many capsules?”, “Do you have this product?…” “Get me the cream…”. The amount of the price to the public of medics

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