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Drug shortage, Lorenzin: within the week decree to counter it


In France, a probable error in the canning of a generic drug was fatal to two patients who took a sleeping pill believing they were taking a diuretic.
While waiting to know the outcome of the results of this unfortunate incident, we read that Codacons has decided to present a complaint to the Rome Public Prosecutor's Office because the "news is considered tragic and alarming as well as considering the silence maintained on the matter very serious, and the total absence reliable information relating to the situation in Italy. Citizens - according to Codacons - have been left in total disinformation and uncertainty and the initiatives undertaken to protect health by the Ministry and AIFA are not known "
We reply to Codacons that if the State declares that medicines are not a consumer good, savings cannot be the only identifiable index. Quality, safety and effectiveness are unchangeable cornerstones also in the name of "sustainability" of the system and all drugs - generic and original - can show dangerous side effects.
For this reason, the figure of the Scientific Pharmaceutical Representative becomes once again irreplaceable, just as the great work of AIFA, committed on several fronts to protect the health of citizens and safety, must be recognized without a shadow of a doubt. of drugs.
But even the Italian Medicines Agency, or the equivalent French Agency, could find themselves in difficulty in having to verify drugs, perhaps produced in geographically distant countries and whose dimensions are impressive, compared to our limited structures and equipment.
The incident in France teaches us that being against generic medicines may be outdated, but waging war against original medicines can be dramatically dangerous".


President Fabio Carinci

Rome, 10 June 2013

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