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Rolling redundancy fund Agreement between Sigma Tau and trade unions

 POMEZIA. Agreement between Sigma Tau of Pomezia and the Rsu on the mechanisms for returning to work and rotation among the 400 employees laid off. There are 25 positions that can be covered immediately through rotation, both in Sigma Tau and in subsidiary companies. The company management has undertaken to call the layoffs back into service. An in-depth analysis of the networks and areas regarding medical-scientific reps will also be carried out. The Rsu has asked that for the rotations the skills acquired and not only the last tasks performed are taken into consideration and that the contractors of the works that guarantee continuity are privileged.

Il Tempo – Chronicle of Rome – 17-04-2012


Sigma Tau, the agreements regarding the rotation of layoffs are starting to take shape. The last of the meetings between the RSU and the company DA took place on 11 April, aimed precisely at the purpose of "spreading" the CGIS on more people, to allow those who have been out of the company for the past two months to return "on time".

"The parties - communicated the unions - examined the organizations in the Technical Operation, Italian Division, Research & Development, Administration, Finance and Control, Legal and Intellectual Property, Internetiional Division and Human Resources areas". As regards the calls of staff suspended by layoffs, DA, "listed the positions that can be covered immediately to carry out both the fixed -term replacements of absent staff with the right to the conservation of the place - 14 in Sigma Tau, divided into 7 for Research & Development, 2 for Technical Operation, already carried out, 5 for the Italian Division, of which 2 already carried out, and 3 positions in biofuture - came organizational needs (8 positions in Avantgarde) ".

The trade unions also communicate that they have paid attention to the need to verify in some sectors the congruity between the organization charts presented and the activities carried out by the workers. "From an initial analysis - the trade unions continue - it emerged that there are around 25 fungible positions subject to possible rotation. In particular, as regards scientific information network personnel, the DA has declared its commitment to carry out a further verification of the possibility of rotation mechanisms". But the fat openings

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