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Press release to the Media of the "SIF Sigma Tau Committee"

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Rome, February 25, 2012

Subject: Sigma-Tau dispute

We intend to categorically deny what was published yesterday in the press regarding the unfounded news of the reaching of an agreement between Sigma Tau and the trade unions Filctem-Cgil, Femca-Cisl, Uilcem and Uil, after the last meeting at the headquarters of Unindustria in Rome.

During the meeting convened yesterday morning in Pomezia, the document presented as an "agreement" was immediately challenged, due to the multiple corrections and cancellations, starting from the title in which "Minutes" had been replaced in pen by "Hypothesis" of agreement , which could not guarantee the certain basis for a vote that was required for approval by the assembly.

Furthermore, numerous doubts and questions about the "hypothetical" proposals by the company have emerged.

But the main points of the dispute concerned

       the business plan, which is announced by the owners no earlier than October 2012,

       the Lazio Region, which has not yet approved the CIGS,

       the 350 euros of wage integration, which however are advanced by the workers' severance indemnity

These are the hottest points, but also the very tight procedures and times (some ISFs had to travel at night) for convening the assembly have unfortunately fueled the division between the workers in CIGS and the "save

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