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On the occasion of the world day dedicated to homeopathy, I republish the comment published yesterday in Repubblica-Salute which dedicated a large article to complementary medicine.

Everyone can think what they want about homeopathy. But everyone, and above all researchers, doctors, informants, should take note that millions of Italians are treated with this medicine. If they do it is not because they have a fideistic relationship with it (as the detractors say, equating it to magic or religious belief), but because they consider it effective. Furthermore - as we have been writing for over a decade - it should not be considered an "alternative", but rather unconventional or complementary. In fact, the new medicine has been establishing itself for some time. It is called "integrated", which can already count on a hospital (in Pitigliano, in Tuscany) and on many clinics, where the double track is applied: in these places of public health, not only one but several treatment options are pursued. Today the new doctor, a graduate and then specialized in homeopathy, has several therapies at his disposal: in science and conscience he will choose the best cure for the patient. It is scientific pluralism that shows him the way. Which for homeopathy is still long, because research will have to give more answers on its validity. Even if the denigrators will still continue to treat it as witchcraft.

10th April 2013 – Guglielmo Pepe – Repubblica.it





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