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The coordination of RSU.ISF.Italia

 On 4.7.2014, the coordination of the ISF-RSU born from the assemblies of the "Frentani" met in Rome, in anticipation of the forthcoming renewal of the CCNL.

In the discussion that took place, the need emerged to obtain from and in the union (of which we are an integral and active part and certainly not extraneous or antagonistic), especially in this critical phase which will be characterized by a new wave of mobility, moments and spaces for debate and dialectic precisely on the main emergencies that we will find ourselves facing (ccnl, ASPI, possibility of derogation from the contract and more). 

At the end we have drawn up the following document which we send you for your evaluations and which we would like to propose during the assembly/observatory on the CCNL to be held in Milan on 16 September.

It would be desirable that on that date and in that venue we were present in as many numbers as possible to give strength and impetus to our reasons.

The same document could also be proposed in the other territorial assemblies, it being understood that we consider the one in Milan to be decisive, for obvious reasons.

Brotherly greetings

The coordination of RSU.ISF.Italia





The last two contract renewals were characterized by strong critical elements regarding the role and duties of the ISFs.

We started by deleting the specific functional area and inserting the Isf in the commercial/Mktg area.

Furthermore, the latest contract saw the introduction of new functions and duties all aimed at enhancing the commercial aspect of the work of the Isf, up to declassifying those newly hired and introducing parallel figures such as the Commercial Informant and others. 

The Isf, both in f

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