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What Pomigliano teaches

  Dear colleagues, I don't know how many of us have managed to carefully follow what is happening in a sector that seems very far from ours, the metalworking sector (see Pomigliano) but which in many ways is very similar to the pharmaceutical sector.
One aspect among the many of this story struck me greatly.
The company-union "clique" (with the sole exception of Fiom CGIL) have in fact laid a gigantic trap for Italian workers in every sector by attempting with the referendum proposed to Fiat workers to make the Italian working class swallow the swallowable.
In the name of an economic and working recovery desired by all Italians, an attempt has been made to cancel all the efforts and sacrifices of the workers who have allowed and allow all of us to have a minimum of social security and social safety nets in the event of real or presumed crises in the various economic sectors.
The most experts speak of an attack on the 300 law and on the workers' statute, but wanting to keep ourselves in a less technical sphere, in reality and in a nutshell, an attempt has been made to "Chineseise" Italian workers, curtailing many of their rights by now acquired and putting them in a position to work more while spending much less.
Thankfully the attempt of the "clique" seems to have gone down the drain, but right now the attempt is to "sell" the failure of the "clique" as a favorable outcome to the workers. 
Reading on the internet on the site http://lavoroprivato.cobas.it/ it turns out that the bare figures say that between abstentions, NO, null and white ballots, the refusal of the workers of Pomigliano goes beyond the 40%!
Here are the numbers:
entitled to vote 4881
4642 voters
YES 2888 
NO 1673
void 59
white 22
We are sorry for the "clique" but the Italian workers, while needing to work and earn, do not seem to be willing to capitulate. Let us not forget that many of the voters in a particularly disadvantaged area like that of Southern Italy thought only of work and nothing else.
We isfs should take an example from these workers. Instead of keeping our heads in the sand we should have the courage to react, in an urbane and polite way, but react instead of whining and complaining.
Leander Clean

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