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Crisis: Filctem, mobility for 65 employees from Aptuit

Rome, July 8. (Adnkronos/Labitalia) – "Aptuit srl, an American pharmaceutical company, has officially opened the personnel reduction procedure with the start of mobility for 65 employees out of 398 employed at the Verona site: a measure, this, taken unilaterally, despite the firm opposition of RSU and trade union organizations who had asked to evaluate any alternative measure to the reduction of personnel in the preventive phase". Thus, in a note, the Filctem CGIL.

"It should be remembered that - the union note continues - on 4 February 2010, Glaxo Smith Kline (Gsk) - the British pharmaceutical multinational that owned the site at the time - expressed its intention to close the entire research and development (R&D) center in Verona since 1970. In order to find a solution to the serious employment problem that was feared, on 1 July 2010 GSK signed an agreement with the trade unions at the Ministry of Economic Development for the sale of the research company branch precisely to Aptuit, guaranteeing , as well as a considerable three-year economic support for starting up the business, the principles of employment protection, professionalism, scientific excellence and sustainability of the new Aptuit srl reality".

The resounding abrupt about-face of the multinational "which, a few days after the economic guarantees provided three years earlier, betrays that commitment contracted to the ministry!" Marco Falcinelli, national secretary of Filctem-Cgil comments polemically. "For three years -explains the secretary- we pressed Aptuit to transparently present its development plan for the research activities acquired in 2010 by GSK, and for three years we were always answered that the commitment of company in maintaining business and employment would not have been questioned." Falcinelli's request was immediate: "An urgent summons is needed by the Ministry of Economic Development; research is a good and an activity that concerns the country and cannot be called into question by the multinational's 'commercial' strategies American".







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