The "Green pass" era ended on 30 June

From 1 July, certifications will no longer be issued, although it will still be possible to continue downloading the certificates already requested and valid

Goodbye green pass, now since July 1st no more certifications will be issued, although it will be anyway
You can continue downloading certificates that are already requested and in a valid state.

Money – July 2, 2023

From May 2021 until a few days ago, more than 341 million certifications have been issued, but that time is now over. In reality, then, it has already been several months since the Green pass is not necessary in Italy, as well as in many other countries. To date, however, the era of the Green pass for the is officially over COVID-19, with the expiry of the European Regulation n. 953/2021 set for 30 June 2023 and no longer extended.

Consequently it is possible to move and travel within theEuropean Union without the need to show the Green pass. They remain however other countries which instead still require it, while other countries require other vaccination certificates or on the health status of the incoming traveller. Remember, therefore, that it is possible to find your own vaccination certificates at theAsl competence.

Countries that still require the Green pass or vaccination certifications

Below is a list of countries that still require the Green pass or that still have specific Covid19 containment measures affecting travellers.


To enter Israel it is no longer necessary to be in possession of the Green pass, but travelers are still required to take out insurance coverage that covers any health costs, including any infections from Covid19.


Even Jordan no longer requires the Green pass for travellers' entrances, but the stipulation of a specific health policy linked to the risks of Covid19 remains essential. Furthermore, travelers are required to complete a questionnaire and sign a health declaration.


Nepal stopped asking travelers for Green passes only recently. In particular, the vaccination certificate is no longer required in Nepal since 26 May 2023. However, health screening procedures continue to be carried out; therefore, travelers showing symptoms may be placed in isolation.


Since 13 February 2023, a Green pass is no longer required to enter Singapore, but all pre-pandemic travel requirements are still required. Among these, the compilation of a statement about your health.


To enter Morocco it is no longer necessary to be in possession of the Green pass, but it is important to know that from 3 January 2023, entry to travelers from China, regardless of nationality, is prohibited.


The authorities have removed the constraints linked to the Green pass for entry into Kenya; however, travelers with flu symptoms are required to complete a health monitoring form. Furthermore, travelers with symptoms will undergo a rapid test, at their own expense.

Related news. Government. From 1 July 2023, the new COVID-19 Green Certifications will no longer be issued



Where and from whom to request the Green Pass

If the document is requested, it is still possible to download the previously generated and unexpired Certifications using the app I, the platform for accessing the electronic health record or via the website with your health card or via Spid.
However, those who are not in a position to use a computer or smartphone can still obtain their own certificate by contacting "their general practitioner, pediatrician of their choice, in pharmacies, in accredited public and private laboratories, health professionals and of health interest".
The documents issued by professionals or health facilities "that certify the successful vaccination, the recovery from the infection or the negative result of a molecular test carried out in the previous 72 hours or a rapid antigenic test carried out in the previous 48 hours have the same validity as the Green Certification COVID-19". Furthermore, your ASL can also issue the certificate in English.

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