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Swiss exports take off: + 12 %

In defiance of the franc's quotations, Swiss exports fly to foreign markets. Foreign trade was surprisingly buoyant in August. The chemical-pharmaceutical industry contributed above all to this remarkable growth, together with the precision instruments sector and the watchmaking industry. However, export prices have also risen sharply. The trade balance recorded a surplus of 1.7 billion francs.

The increase in foreign turnover in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector has literally exploded, recording a leap forward of 19%. Also important was the growth in exports of medical devices (+18%) and watches (+13%). The results of the sectors of the metalworking sector are also good, and even exports of food products (soft drinks and coffee) have increased. Only exports of tobacco derivatives and those of the paper and graphic arts sector were down.

The growth has affected all continents. The most dynamic market turned out to be the African one, with growth of 27%. Increases in sales also in the markets of the USA (+20%), Canada (+17%) and Latin America (+14%). Sales in Europe, which represents the most important market in absolute figures, grew little, even if the differences between the various markets are important. For example, exports to France increased by 38%, especially in the jewelery and pharmaceuticals sectors.

September 20, 2012 – 10:10 

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