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Sigma Tau. With the workers also the bishop of Albano


The protest of Sigma Tau employees reached as far as the Catholic Church. This afternoon at 15:00 the Bishop of Albano, Monsignor Marcello Semeraro, in fact wanted to be next to the workers, to whom he has brought his solidarity and the closeness of the entire Diocese. The Bishop, after words of encouragement, celebrated Holy Mass.
“In recent days – Mons. Semeraro began – I have read news concerning you in the newspapers. Thus I learned of your delicate situation, of the desperation of many of you, of the young man who chained himself up in front of the entrance. But I wanted to know more, to understand if what was written corresponded exactly to the truth. Speaking with some of your colleagues on the occasion of a pastoral meeting, I asked what the situation was; they told me to come and see with my own eyes. I did it not out of curiosity, but because I really feel touched by this story. It's not the first time I've come here to Sigma Tau, and the previous times I had been able to see the relaxed working atmosphere, which certainly didn't predict what is happening now. Only at Christmas, on the occasion of the traditional blessing, did I understand your anxieties, which then materialized in the worst and most dramatic way".
Semeraro then mentioned the support of the inhabitants of Pomezia towards the workers. “I saw that the citizens of Pomezia have been close to you: in solidarity they have brought hot food and drinks here, they have participated in the protest demonstration. This makes you feel that you are an important part of this city: you must therefore continue to hope, there is still the possibility of dialogue. For my part, there is a prayer that a new agreement, a new solution be found”.
The Bishop was accompanied by a representation of the local parish priests. “I would like – continued the prelate – to make you feel the support of the Church. I am not a competent person in business management, therefore, hearing certain news, I am dazed, amazed and disconcerted. For my part, I will try to convey, in the forms possible to me, a message as a moral authority and as a representative of the Church towards the institutions and society, so that it finds solutions that at least alleviate the current situation".

January 22, 2012 at 4:47 pm   


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