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Health defcit

Before the cold shower: in Campania, Lazio, Liguria, Sicily, Abruzzo and Molise The maximum regional surtax for Irpef (1.4%) and Irap (5.25%) is immediately triggered, complete with immediate withdrawal in the first paycheck available. Then, almost six hours later, the Government will evaluate the plans to recover from the health deficit by the end of June, and if the fiscal sting in the six Regions with the 2005 health accounts in red will be in order, it will be « deactivated".

Between Padoa Schioppa's first statements at Palazzo Chigi and the subsequent press release from the Economy Minister himself, the Government has decided to give another thirty days to the six Regions in the crosshairs. A momentary pause. The result of the diplomatic work between the ministers and also of the pressing of the Regions. The sting remains in the freezer for a month.
They have been hectic hours for the Government and for the Regions, not only for the six o'clock with the health accounts in a very heavy deficit: 4.3 billion to be repaid, with Lazio (1.8) and Campania (1.2) playing the part of the lion.

All six presented plans to plug the leak out of bounds. Hoping that it would be enough to prevent the red card from automatically triggering the increases in the Irpef and Irap surtaxes from 1 June. They counted on the reassurances of the Government, the Regions. But the reading of Padoa Schioppa, who initially froze hopes, was quite different: the increases start immediately, ope legis. A precise signal, among other things, also to the EU. Which he liked.

Here then is the subsequent clarification by Padoa Schioppa. The line of rigor, he implies, remains intact. The minister ensures "extensive collaboration with the Regions". And he states that he has "now launched a precise evaluation of all the measures already adopted or in the process of being adopted to verify the corrective effects on the trends which also operate in 2006". Then the hand extended: "Should the Regions for which the automatic system has been triggered present equally effective measures by the end of June, the minister will take initiatives aimed at promoting the deactivation of the increase in said rates". Which until June 30th are frozen.

Padoa Schioppa's first trenchant declaration had displaced not only the Regions, but also several ministers.

Hence also the bank work with Palazzo Chigi. Strongly requested by the governors. First of all by the representative of the governors, Vasco Errani (Emilia Romagna): "The Government's assessment of the repayment plans is awaited" and only after "the further envisaged measures can be triggered", declared Errani before the finalization of the Minister of Economy , recalling the chronic underestimations and the table for a "Pact" on Health agreed just today.

The reactions of the six Regions in the face were harsh. "With us no increase in taxes," assured Sicily strong in its autonomy. "The tax increase is incomprehensible," Molise held back.
Sure of his facts Antonio Bassolino (Campania): «The confrontation with the Government is underway» , on the local level presented for some time. The brakes were also pulled by Liguria ("we hope to avoid taxes") and Lazio ("there will be no taxes"), which had meanwhile presented its project at a press conference in the morning. Not to mention the thumbs down of the unions.

It is in this context of reactions that the new statement from the Ministry of Economy then intervened. Where, among other things, the confrontation starts again from Wednesday. Thinking also of the other health deficits to come, starting with that of 2006 which, if

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