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ABOUT US. Prescriptions by active ingredient. From scientific informants 1,125 signatures against the Spending review

The initiative is from Federaisf, which sent the signatures to Monti, Passera, Balduzzi and to the undersecretary of the Economy Pollilo asking for the repeal of "a useless regulation" which "is against the free market, humiliates the doctor, will produce thousands of layoffs and will increase the costs of social safety nets".

12 NOV – There are 1,125 signatures that Federaisf, the Federation of drug sales representatives' associations, has collected through the association's website to request the repeal of paragraph 11 bis of art. 15 of the law n. 135/2012, better known as the Spending review. And they were all sent, accompanied by a letter of motivation, to the Prime Minister Mario Monti, the Minister for Economic Development Corrado Passera, the Minister of Health Renato Balduzzi and the Undersecretary for the Economy Gianfranco Pollilo.

The law, writes the national secretary of the Federaisf Roberto Bevilacqua in the letter, obliging doctors to indicate only the active ingredient on prescriptions, "raises the problem of unconstitutionality because it is clearly in contrast with the provisions that regulate the free market".

This "without any saving or advantage for the State". Rather, "penalizing most drug companies resulting in the loss of thousands of drug sales representatives jobs."

This is why Federaisf calls for the repeal of the law and also for "state intervention in determining the reference price of generic drugs without interfering with the free market by arbitrarily deciding the future of companies, and thousands of jobs, which have nothing to do with state savings".

November 12, 2012 

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Fedaiisf Federazione delle Associazioni Italiane degli Informatori Scientifici del Farmaco e del Parafarmaco