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Dompé, cut inappropriate expenses

The Italian pharmaceutical industry is willing to "work together with the Government and the Regions to try to contain spending where there are inappropriateness, starting with the Regions under a repayment plan". Word of Sergio Dompé. The president of Farmindustria, who spoke in Milan at the presentation of the third report of the Pharmintech 2009 observatory on pharmaceutical related industries, said he was "very serene" regarding the hypothesis of bringing the 2011 economic maneuver forward to July, by decree, and the rumors that speak of a package of 10-12 billion euros, in which measures are also being studied to contain expenditure on medicines. "There is no problem with pharmaceutical spending", Dompé points out on the sidelines of the meeting. "There is and needs to be tackled a problem of incorrect spending by some Regions which have to recover from the deficit in a very short time". "Pharmaceutical companies - he continues - will help to be part of the solution. We cannot afford delays. And the feeling is that, now that the government of the Regions has restarted, the moment is the right one. There is a desire on the part of the governors to eliminate an unacceptable situation". So there are no cuts that must come out of the maneuver, Dompé insists: "It's a question of setting up the maneuver itself, which must consider all sectors and provide for the containment not only of the pharmaceutical item".

Pharmacist33 – 7 May 2010 – Year 6, Number 83

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