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TARGIN is the drug object of the false prescriptions of the ISF arrested in Pesaro.

He forged prescriptions to get an opiate

PESARO – Scientific informant arrested. To avoid being fired at the end of the contract – 1,800 euros a month for a limited period of time – he allegedly stole stamps and recipe books in some doctors' surgeries where he went to place medicines. In some cases he would also have found the health cards of the patients to whom he made the falsified prescriptions, when he did not issue them directly in his name and then go to the pharmacy.

The drug in question is the Targinanalgesic based on natural opium alkaloids. The company where he worked allegedly gave him an ultimatum: "Either sell a certain number of boxes of this new drug or we'll fire you at the end of the contract".

To reveal it, as if to tell the whole story, is today's Resto del Carlino, which tells how the scientific informant - a 48-year-old resident of Lucrezia for years - was arrested last Thursday by the carabinieri, on the report of some pharmacists who may have encountered, and reported, a very high volume of sales of the drug.

The arrest allegedly took place in practice in flagrante delicto. Always the Carlino tells how the man was going to Lucrezia's pharmacy, recipes in hand, to have other packs of Targin delivered. The crimes he is accused of are theft, false public deed, fraud against the state, possession of narcotic substances (the medicine, as mentioned, is opium-based) and receiving stolen goods.

The investigating judge, after validating the arrest, released him with the obligation to sign.

To the carabinieri, who carried out a search of his home and found the health cards of other patients, various forms and the stamps of the doctors, the 48-year-old would also have reported that he had been fired in the past by another company because he was suffering from an illness, which forced him to take that type of drug. Apparently he needed money, and so he decided that the best way out of his moment of crisis was to fake more.



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