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Drugs: reordering bill, for some, sale without a pharmacist

   ROME, MAY 13 – For a small group of medicines, chosen from among those for which there is no obligation to have a medical prescription, it will be possible to sell them in shops without the presence of a pharmacist. This is one of the points contained in bill 863 on the reorganization of the pharmaceutical system, which the Senate Health Commission is now discussing. There will be an ad hoc commission, made up of AIFA, the permanent commission for the pharmacopoeia and the conference of the presidents of the pharmacy faculties, which should draw up "a list of about ten super-tested molecules - explains Luigi D'Ambrosio Lettieri (Pdl), rapporteur of the measure - choices among non-prescription drugs, which can be sold outside pharmacies and without a pharmacist ". Medicines that require special storage conditions or with a validity of less than 18 months must be excluded from the list. Any form of promotion or prize competition is also prohibited for these drugs. ”In autogrills – continues D'Ambrosio Lettieri – it is too expensive to put a pharmacy or even a parapharmacy. The idea is therefore to put a small shelf with about ten medicines, such as an ointment for bruises or a headache pill, also thinking about selling them in starter packs, i.e. with 2-3 tablets ”. For the parapharmacy, however, the obligation of the presence of the pharmacist remains. The progress of the works in the commission currently sees the general discussion open, which should then end with the presentation of the amendments. There is still no unified text, but the speaker is "oriented towards using the basic text 863 Tomassini-Gasparri in this sense".

The news of Ansa Salute – 13/05/2010

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