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Traffic in smuggled drugs from South America was discovered by the Guardia di Finanza and the Customs Agency at the Cristoforo Colombo airport in Genoa.

Ten thousand products including capsules and tablets, about 10 thousand ml of medicinal aqueous solutions, three kilos of powdered medicinal suspensions and various medicinal creams and ointments were found, in three successive operations within a few days, in the luggage of three towns in the Ecuador, which have been denounced. Among the drugs seized are antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, analgesics, tranquilizers, hypotensives, cardiotonics and stimulants of various pharmaceutical forms and dosages, all obtainable only upon presentation of a medical prescription. Pharmaceutical products have also been found which are used in some countries to induce abortions and the improper use of which can cause serious health consequences.

The seizures of smuggled drugs were carried out by the soldiers of the Lieutenancy of Genoa Sestri and by the officials of the local customs section. Investigators believe that the phenomenon represents the manifestation of a new illicit traffic related to the immigration problem. As has already happened in the past for the Chinese ethnic group, in fact, the South American communities are also allegedly trying to create "parallel" and illegal health care to meet the medical and health needs of compatriots who do not yet comply with the residence regulations.

  The latter, in fact, could access pharmacological supplies exclusively in hospitals and only through the issue of a certificate of temporary administration of drugs (STP), aimed at certifying the real and immediate need. The purchase of the drug, however, would take place at full price, given the impossibility of enjoying exemptions or reductions. Hence the convenience of a clandestine supply. The XIX century 08-04-08

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