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Medicines: Snami, we will ask for an 'orange book' in the new government

Rome, 2 Jan. (Adnkronos Salute) – "We will address the political class who will be elected in a few months to advance the 'Snami' claims: the establishment of the orange book, i.e. the register of interchangeability of drugs" and a commitment to "strengthen, by eliminating some obstacles that still exist, all the paths necessary for the prescription of medicines to be exclusively a medical act, never delegable, always in the supreme interest of the patient, even if with an eye to avoiding waste". This is what is reported in a note from the autonomous national union of Italian doctors.

According to Snami, "the Institutions", by amending the law on prescription with active ingredient, introducing the possibility of indicating the commercial name of the drug in the prescription, "have taken note that the 'old' spending review law, which came into force on 08/14/12, had created an unexpected and unwanted situation. In fact, it seems that the legislator did not want to create a moment of facilitated changes even of the old chronic therapies, but only to add the active ingredient to new therapies, to new patients, to the pink recipe book and only for sca patent filings with an equivalent drug on the market".

"An unexpected and unpleasant situation has in fact arisen - highlights Angelo Testa, president of Snami - which our union has denounced: serious risk for the free choice in terms of prescription, possible problems for the health of the patient who has often seen the color of the medicine boxes and the shape of the tablets change with consequent confusion in the assumption of the usual chronic therapy. In addition to this, the conditions have been created for the risk of about 60,000 jobs in a leading sector", the pharmaceutical one. "All this, too, loudly reiterated - continues Testa - without the State actually saving a single euro. If the spirit of this new provision is fully understood, i.e. the defense of the doctor's choices of the patient's usual therapies and the addition of the active ingredient only for the aforementioned cases, perhaps we will see a more constructive future for everyone".

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