Drugs: on drug transparency, the majority throws an opportunity, "Big Pharma" thanks

The timid resolution of the majority did not address the central issue, thus making "Big Bharma" happy. The president of Agcom, Professor Garattini and Professor Martini expressed their "yes" to transparency on the negotiation of drug prices by AIFA

top-secret.jpegROME, 27 April 2016- “Today in the committee, yet another opportunity was lost to serve the citizens' interests: the resolution of the majority that has just been approved will not serve to eliminate the secretion of prices in the negotiation of medicines by AIFA. The political responsibilities of the Democratic Party and the other government parties are certified: Italians must not know anything about agreements that affect their health ".

This was stated by the M5S deputies in the Social Affairs commission.

“Despite the opinions expressed during the hearings by authoritative representatives such as the President of Agcom Pitruzzella, Professor Silvio Garattini and Professor Nello Martini, all in favor of the indications included in the M5S resolution, first signed by Silvia Giordano, who asked for maximum transparency with respect when negotiating drug prices, the majority decided to row in the opposite direction.

Soon - they continue - both the contracts and the patents of important drugs will come to an end - first of all the Sovaldi of the Gilead company for the eradication of the hepatitis C virus - and we believe that with transparent agreements fair and higher prices would have been obtained possibility of treatment.

Ultimately - conclude the 5 Star deputies - today we had yet another confirmation that this government and the majority have the interests of the drug lobby much more at heart than those of the Italians, who are finding it increasingly difficult to access worthy health services of this name".

Written by M5S Camera News published on 27.04.16

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