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Drugs transported by illegals, the Fai complaint

PALERMO. "In Sicily, unauthorized transporters endanger the integrity of the drug and therefore the health of citizens. There are still many improvised transporters who move drugs with cars or makeshift vans, not caring about the strict rules that regulate the thermoregulation of the vehicles". This is the denunciation of the national vice president Fai-Conftrasporto, as well as president of the Sicilian delegation, Giovanni Agrillo.

"Due to the almost total absence of checks on the streets and the dishonesty of some customers, accomplices of the illegals to save a few euros, the drugs often arrive on the counters of deteriorated pharmacies - continues the president of the Italian Autotrasporters Federation -. We demand controls, we do not want public money and any assistance, but respect for the law. The government of national unity, which currently sits in Palazzo Chigi, must intervene to restore legality in the sector".

"It is necessary for the police, carabinieri and financial police to verify that the customers and transporters of the drug respect the incompressible costs of safety - continues Agrillo -. We appeal to the police and the government: the revival of our economy depends mainly on compliance with the rules, legality is the driving force for development".

02/07/2013 – JOURNAL OF SICILIA.it







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