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Farmindustria rejects the guidelines

Farmindustria does not like the guidelines on scientific information on medicines drawn up by the Conference of Presidents of the Regions. "Too bureaucratic, too concentrated on the snares and snares of the informant's work and very little on the final result, ie the appropriateness of the prescriptions". To comment on the indications dictated in the field of medical-scientific information, on which each region will be called and legislate, it is Emile Stefanelli, vice president of Farmindustria, who spoke in Rome at a conference on the subject. “We are not convinced by the fact that the informant going to the doctor 3 or 5 times a year – Stefanelli explains, quoting one of the rules set out in the guidelines – means giving scientific information good or bad. Which must instead be evaluated as a result and which must have prescriptive appropriateness as its 'northern star'”. Stefanelli does not reject the document 'in toto', but believes that the Regions “could have gone in a direction more of substance and less of form, more of principles and strategic objectives and less of 'numbers and rules'. We therefore expect - he concludes - that the individual Regions will follow this line, and above all that the regional legislation will be as homogeneous as possible throughout the country. On the contrary, there would be situations in which one region allows 3 visits a year and another 5 or even the paradox that for each region the company has to prepare different printed matter to give to its informant”.

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