Band C, in January the increases permitted by the Storace decree

There are about eighty class C drugs with prescriptions that since January 1st have undergone price increases by decision of the manufacturing companies. Others will be able to follow from here to Immagine correlataend of the month, but for now the increases are limited: on average 0.77 euro, approximately 5% more than the December price. The data comes from the circular that Federfarma circulated yesterday to its members to recall the provisions of the so-called Storace decree, decree law 87/2005 (converted into law 149/2005): the prices to the public of class C drugs with prescription, dictated by the provision , can only increase in the month of January of odd years (therefore every two years), while reductions and cuts are permitted at any time.

The invitation that Federfarma addresses to its pharmacies, accordingly, is to update the pricing and discount policies on the basis of the price changes already given by the companies and those that will arrive by the end of the month. Not to forget, the circular concludes, "the obligation to check and possibly update the price on the packs before dispensing them to the public".

(Federfarma – 10/01/2017)

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