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Florence changes the face of the family doctor. Neighborhood "hospitals" were born

In Tuscany, thanks to a memorandum of understanding between the federation of general practitioners and the Region, there will soon be no more family doctors, at least as we have known them up to now. But how? Right now that so many miss the doctor they used to be, the one who came to your house, visited you and spent a few moments with you? “A seriously ill patient awaited me in a distant village, and a heavy sleet filled the space between me and him. The carriage was there and I had the bag of tools in my hand, I was already in the courtyard wrapped up in my fur, ready to leave, but the horse was missing. Mine had died the night before, due to the hard work imposed by that freezing winter». In the end the horse is found and Kafka's Tale of a Conducted Doctor arrives at its destination. «The parents of the patient come towards me, they are confused and I don't understand anything from their speeches. In the sick room the air is unbreathable because of the stove, left on, which smokes. I'll open the window with a push, but first I want to see the sick man.' Once upon a time doctors were like this, not only the one in Franz Kafka's story but those of our countryside and our valleys.

THE RECIPES - But who has time today to see the sick? And so most of the time people don't even go to the doctor anymore or they just go there for the prescriptions, that is, they leave the note of the medicines and go two days later to collect the prescriptions. And if he's sick he goes directly to the hospital emergency room, where he usually waits for hours. With these premises, the "reorganization of the territorial service of family doctors in Tuscany" is a beautiful thing. Family doctors will get together and thus integrated health centers will be able to be born much closer to the people than hospitals can be. In each of these centers (30 are expected throughout Tuscany and 10 in Florence alone) 25-30 doctors and then nurses and secretarial staff will work. In those centers, exams and x-rays will also be done, in short, everything needed for first-level diagnostics. It will help reduce specialist visits and there will be no need to run to the hospital emergency room for every little ailment.

THE CUTS – It is partly to meet the needs of the spending review but it is not only this, doctors teaming up with even slightly different skills will be able to assist citizens much better and above all seven days a week. There will also be fewer bureaucratic formalities that will be shared and with dedicated people and there will be common information technology also accessible to sick people

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