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Foresti: "It is no longer sustainable to shuffle the cards and make everything fall back on the NHS"

By James Giannecchini on July 17, 2012

AssoGenerici after having been in the limelight for the clash with the Italian doctors, returns to the headlines for an examination of the current situation of the drug market, exposed by the president of AssoGenerici Giorgio Foresti. The president does not use catchphrases, but his analysis is lucid and firm: "The current situation is such that it no longer allows for the defense to the bitter end of outdated structures, the victimhood that often accompanies it, and the recourse to short-term solutions: also as regards the drug sector". Foresti's seems to be an awareness rather than a statement to the media. Looking to the future has often been lacking in these two troubled years. The aspect that the president of AssoGenerici defines as "victimism", in our reports, already some time ago, we had considered as a Luddite attitude. The Luddism it was a movement of rebellion against the introduction of machines in the production process and takes its name from Ludd, who broke a loom in protest. Breaking the frames, going against the future, rowing in the opposite direction with respect to development, this we mean when we define the position taken by many with respect to the reform of the health sector as Luddite. “What is needed today is not one table, but two. The first with Ministry of Health, Regions and drug sector, from the brand industry to pharmacies, in which the level of expenditure that the National Health Service may maintain for the next five years and the sector responds with a proposal. The other in which the Ministries of Economy and Economic Development clearly state whether they consider maintaining this sector strategic for Italy and, if so, what they intend to do to develop it. What is no longer sustainable is shuffling the cards: making the support policies, which are always precarious, fall back on the Health Service". In the midst of so much confusion that has arisen in the entire health sector in recent months, reading Foresti's words restores some order, rationality, whether or not you agree with the president of Assogenerici:

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