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Fidia's scientific representatives choose USB. Ed

At the Fidia Farmaceutici headquarters, the procedures for electing the new RSU were completed.

The External Operating Forces sector, made up of almost 200 workers including Pharmaceutical Representatives, Key Account Managers and Area Managers, recorded a very high participation that exceeded 90% and attributed the majority of its representation to USB with 2 out of 3 RSUs: Chiara Falsini, Tuscan informant and RSU also in the previous term, the most voted candidate ever among all the 13 RSUs elected in Fidia, and Gerardo Maiella, neo-Apulian informant. elected. The other place went to Uiltec.

The USB thanks all the workers and workers who with their vote have demonstrated an exceptional willingness to democratic participation that strengthens representation. We also thank the members of the electoral commission for the demanding work done.

The USB wishes everyone a good job, ensuring its commitment to the real democratic involvement of workers in trade union activities.

Abano Terme, 12 December 2020

USB Private Work Padua

National USB – 14 December 2020


Editor's note: A reflection on the part of the "traditional" trade union organizations would be good. Unions folded into a corporatist relationship with the "historic" employers' associations, Farmindustria as far as we are concerned, in a sort of closed citadel, deaf to the needs of workers, ever smaller and besieged by new forms of autonomous and grassroots trade unionism and by employers' organizations expressive of the new production system undergoing profound transformation with internal power games and colorless and incompetent leadership.

The weight of self-employment (often only legally but actually subordinated) has grown, perhaps unbeknownst to the threefold, which today represents a large portion of the FSI that it fails to represent. Guilty or complicit in inserting the ISF in the functional area of marketing, against the current law, from which everything derives. Not understanding that the pure and simple commercialization of the ISF sector decrees its end and we see it precisely in these days of health emergency where many structures consider scientific information to be rejected because it is useless and annoying and not a precious and irreplaceable service. Incapable of representing the true needs of the workers they should represent, sometimes incompetent as evidenced by the letter from Zoli from Femca to Perugia, concerned about "not disturbing" Farmindustria.

One fact is certain: democracy thrives on political and social participation and the union is a constitutive element, therefore hope also lies in its re-launching of ideas, proposals, new management groups who know how to listen, something that today more than ever is very traceable outside the fence of traditional acronyms.

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